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Marburys show cockers

Owner's comments/ references

After the heartbreaking loss of our Orange roan boy we looked at lots of breeders. It took us two years to find you but we were blown away by the love, care and attention you give every single one of your puppies. We will always be so grateful that you trusted us with our two girls, they have by far the best temperaments of any of the cockers we've had and are such a special part of our family. We recommend you to people all the time, I can't imagine going anywhere else for a puppy now.

We have been so pleased with our Mac. He is so well behaved, with a marvellous, gentle temperament and he is so loving.

Marcella's dogs are her life. She is devoted to them and it shows in the care and attention that she lavishes on them.

We would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who desires a cocker spaniel puppy to love and cherish.

Hi Marcella

Reference for you:

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Marcella if you are looking for a

Cocker Spaniel. From initially meeting Marcella and her gorgeous family

of Cockers it was obvious to me that we had finally found the right

person. She was helpful from the beginning and full of knowledge and

advice. The standard of the breed is excellent, and her dogs are not

only true to breed they are hand reared and loved from the moment they

are born. Marcella is devoted to her 'Marbury's family' and the help and

support continues far passed the moment you take your puppy home. In

fact the community of Marbury's cockers is wonderful to be a part of

with regular posts to the brilliant facebook group. Sky is a wonderfully

natured and loving dog, full of character and energy and a lovely

looking girl. Superb temperament, great with our children and a

willingness to please, as well as being a cheeky cuddle monster!

We were so lucky to have found Marcella and Marburys. On meeting Marcella we were given excellent advice and all our questions were answered in a professional manner. We were able to visit the puppies often and it was obvious that they were cared for night and day by Marcella. The litter were so beautiful, healthy and happy. We are now the proud owner of Stanley who is ten weeks old and has settled in well. His personality is calm yet playful and he is pleased to meet anyone and other dogs. I would recommend Marburys to everyone looking for a beautiful Cocker Spaniel.

Natalie & Paddy Mousley 

When I set out looking for a cocker spaniel puppy, I guess I was like most people and wanted to ensure my new little bundle of fun was coming from a reputable breeder, where they had the best start in life - I took a lot of time to research and finally made my decision to view with the purpose of buying a little girl from Marburys Cocker Spaniels.

I found Marcella Dennis to be very knowledgeable and her dogs were all extremely friendly, well behaved and beautiful. My initial impression on visiting was just as I would have hoped.

I was introduced to the mum of my future puppy and immediately fell in love. She was so sweet in nature and was not fazed at all by new people coming in. I was then shown the puppies and it was so refreshing and lovely to see they were brought up in the heart of the family home, in clean, spacious surroundings and were handled by the family and friends from day one.

One more thing which was very comforting to know from a potential buyers point of view was that for the first two weeks of the puppies life, Marcella sleeps next to them just in case the mum was to accidentally sit on them or they become poorly. On the day I arrived she was still sleeping with them and it is just these extra efforts that make her breeding stand out from others. 

Marcella advised me and my family that the mum and dad of the puppies were PRA and FN tested and showed me the certificate, this was very reassuring as it shows that the puppies cannot get these health issues.

In addition to all of this though she advised that each puppy came home with it's own toy which smells of their mum to help them settle in their new homes, they were wormed from 2 weeks old, came with 1 months free insurance to take away the burden of more expense straight away in case little one became poorly and explained in full how often and what the puppies were fed on. 

Needless to say I was smitten and very impressed with everything I saw so placed my £200 deposit to keep a puppy, I went on to name her Poppy and 3 years later I have the most perfect dog I could have ever asked for. She is a very happy little girl, always pleased to see EVERYONE and never stops wagging her tail. She has been extremely easy to train and because Marcella starts toilet training them before they go to their new homes, Poppy has never had an accident in the house - which I think is pretty amazing as I would have expected a few!! Because of the socialisation Poppy had when a puppy she has turned out to be a very confident dog, who is fearless and loves meeting new dog friends (and human ones!).

I have two other cocker spaniels who are now six and I got those before I knew of Marbury's. Although they are also wonderful dogs they do have fears of a number of things and I believe this is down to coming home at 9 weeks of age, as if you read any book it will tell you a puppy has a fear week (8 weeks old) and anything that scares them in this period tends to stay with them as they grow up. Marcella has all puppies health checked at the vet around 6 weeks of age and the vet provides a letter to show they are healthy and then allows them to go to their new homes from 7 weeks of age.

Three years on and Marcella is still in regular contact and at the end of an email or telephone if you need any help or advise. She really does offer a lifetime of support, if needed.

I am over the moon with Poppy and everything about her character she is my life and I love her with all my heart and everyone that meets her falls in love with her too.

If you want a healthy, happy and well looked after cocker spaniel do not hesitate to go to

Michelle Orchard and Poppy

My 3 year old Sprocker spaniel has been pretty hard work to socialise well. When I tried to come up with reasons why, amongst my other mistakes, I realised how important the 1st 2 months of their life was. With this in mind, when thinking about another puppy, I knew that getting the right breeder was paramount to having half a chance of a well socialised dog. Marcella was recommended to me by a friend. Since having a puppy from Marcella, I am astounded everyday by what a fab dog he is. He arrived at 7 weeks, practically house trained and afraid of nothing! He settled in so well with not so much as a whimper from day 1. If you're after a puppy who is sociable, gorgeous, confident and independent, I would really recommend one of Marbury's Cocker Spaniels

Would just like to say how pleased we are with our new cocker spaniel, ALFIE, and to thank Marcella for her help and giving us the confidence to choose our puppy. We really appreciated her relax manner and homely feel with her puppies and of course her experience, ALFIE is doing very well and has already become one of the family.

Jenny Dunn

Hi Marcella,

Just an update on our gorgeous Dorothy a beautiful blue roan cocker.spaniel . What a joy she is to us and everyone. She has a wonderful happy temperament , so good with our grandchildren who love playing with her in garden, she gets v excited when they visit.. From day one we took your advice about leaving her in kitchen at night , she only cried for bout 10 minutes , then settled and not a peep. Five months on we have had peaceful nights with her settled in kitchen happy in her bed.

We have trained her to sit and wait for food then say 'good girl' then she knows she can have

It, helps her learn control. She loves going for walks and wants to stop and wag tail at every dog and person, bless her. It is great to be able to contact you regularly for help and advice which

you always reply to very promptly, a godsend when we are not sure , thank you for that.

On first visit to our vets, the nurse asked where we got her from and said what a

Beautiful puppy with a lovely temperament. She even asked if we bred from her , she

would be interested in having a puppy, what a recommendation for you!

We were so impressed when we visited you on that first visit how happy all your dogs

were and well behaved. We are so happy with our beautiful Dorothy, she has brought us such joy and turning into a lovely family companion. Thank you so much ,

Regards Frances and Dick 

Hi Marcella,

I hope you are both well and the puppies are still thriving,Have you got homes for all of them yet? I would , and have recommended you to people who may be looking for a cocker spaniel puppy.

Just thought I would send you a couple of pictures of Maisie , taken today at 12 weeks old. She is beautiful , as you can see but also an absolute treasure. she loves everybody and everything, including our Millie who is great with her.

She goes to puppy party at the vets on Tuesday nights to play with 3 other pups and I have booked her in for puppy training in November.

She is very bright and full of energy and mischief as you would expect, she really is a joy .

I know I have said this before, but thankyou once again for letting us have our gorgeous Maisie.

Take Care



Hi Marcella,

Maisie is absolutely beautiful and full of fun . We went to the vets and the vet said not only is Maisie very healthy in every respect, she is a really a very bonnie dog. He was really taken with her, as we're all the vet nurses etc. she ended up falling asleep on the table when the vet gave her the vaccination !

Maisie loves the garden and goes round dead heading the flowers, but we don't mind. Her appetite is really good and she is getting better with house training until she is too busy playing to go outside!

She is a good girl at night and sleeps through to 7am I still leave the crate door open for overnight wees etc but I still can't get past 10minutes during the day with the crate door closed before she realises and starts crying, I need to persevere with that one! She has mad moments during the day when the crocodile teeth come out, we are trying to stop this but we haven't got there yet, hopefully as she gets a little older she will get better.

She has had many visitors and everyone adores her. Millie (I sent another picture of the two of them) likes her really , but tells her off when she gets too boisterous

Thankyou Marcella for letting us have such a lovely puppy, we love her dearly.










Marcella and Marc Dennis are one of Hampshire's Top Cocker Spaniel Breeders. They most certainly should be the first port of call for anyone interested in purchasing a puppy. We have had one of their puppies for two years and have just engaged in the process of obtaining our second puppy. Having visited many other breeders in the area to look for our first puppy, we were struck by the overwhelming and heartwarming impression left by Marcella and Marc, their dedication, professionalism, informative and compassionate approach to breeding. The setting is a lovely family home where conditioning puppies for their new homes and owners is ideal. We have strongly recomended Marcella and Marc to many of our friends who now have litlle bundles of joy of their own. A must visit by anyone seriously interested in getting a gorgeous, calm, good natured and most impeortantly, a healthy puppy.

Mr & Mrs Baker

Hi Marcella

I hope this mail finds you all well and looking forward to Christmas.

Please find attached a couple of new pics of Hector in the recent snow. He's an absolute joy and as you can see is developing into a gorgeous cocker just like his mum & dad. He's been a lovely puppy with a great temperament and is adored by everyone who visits our home. He makes us laugh out loud all the time with his 'antics' and is the most loving and happy dog.

Kind regards

John & Cherry Kilpatrick

Hi Marcella, how are you ? Just thought it about time I updated you with some pictures of Ruby.

She is one clever little girl, me & Roy have been amazed how quickly she learns things considering she is still only a very young pup. She understands many commands - "No" being the one most used ! She has learnt not only to sit but to give her paw before she has her food and now even yaps at the door if it is closed and she needs to go out for a tiddle.

We had the last of her jab's today at the Vet's and all the girlies love her there - even some of the other 'patient's' think she is so gorgeous and pretty looking which of course would be no other than the truth ! We had her chipped today and have her booked in for November when she is 6 month's old to be speyed - no puppies for Ruby just as we agreed and to be quite honest I couldn't do what you do Marcella as I don't have the patience !

I have been looking on your website and see all of Gem's puppies have been sold - I'm not surprised as you are one of the best breeders I have come across and feel pleased as punch that we had one of your brood ! Not only do you give the puppies the best start in life but also show a true commitment to each of your 'girlies' and this most certailnly reflects in the puppies they have. I'm sure Millie will have gorgeous pup's as well - hope all goes well for her.

Another couple of weeks Roy and I will be showing Ruby the great outdoors - we can't wait to show her the beach. She has already been in contact with a few other older dog's and she loves to play - the're just not too sure of her as she bounds around a little too fast for their liking - one dog called Rosie who is a 3yr old lab - hid behind her owner !

Will do our best to come over and see you - would be nice for Ruby to see her mum & auntie's if thats ok ?

Give our regard's to Mark - hope to see you both soon.

Fondest Regard's,

Ros, Roy & Ruby Farmer. xxx

Hi Marcella,

Thought I'd update you on Barney's progress although its only been 24 hours since he left your comfortable home! Everything is going swimmingly well, a little too well me thinks!

After leaving you we took him to see Grand-parents in Gosport and then Grand-parents in Portsmouth! Each time he was introduced to someone new he wagged his tail and lapped up the attention. Everything you should'nt do with a new puppy but he took it in his stride and was'nt fazed at all! He seemed to love the car journey too, that probably had something to do with Georgie cuddling and kissing him all the way home!

We introduced him to his new home, at first he was a little reluctant to go through the front door, well, for all of 10 seconds, and then he was away and running down the hall, tail a wagging! Every room was explored and sniffed and sniffed again. He went straight into his crate and loves it there, its his place to escape to for a little piece and quiet.

He loves his meals and has scoffed everything including little treats each time he does his business outside. The last time he actually stood by the door to be let out, a fast learner or a fluke!? We'll see!

The first night,(last night) he slept from 10pm-6pm without a murmer, I was like a new Mum waiting for him to wake up at every turn, hence I did'nt get a lot of sleep!

Georgie and Jon think I've turned into Cesar 'The Dog Whisperer', I can't hold a normal conversation anymore without tutting or hissing! Especially when Barney nibbles my toes and the Sky Box, why? who knows! He loves the TV by the way sits quite still in front of it with his head to one side! So Cute!

I could ramble on about him all night, I have become quite boring according to my friends!

So, it only leaves me to say thank-you so much again for allowing us to have one of your adorable puppies he has already brought so much joy to our family and there are many more years ahead. Its thanks to you Marcella and all the hard work you put into the puppies and your pack and not forgetting Belle of course, that we have been blessed with such a bundle of joy!

I'll be sure to keep in touch! Kind regards, Love Mel, Jon and Georgie xxx

So it just remains for me to say, thank-you so very much

Hi Marcella,

Just a quick update for you -

Maisie had her first injection on Friday the vet absolutely loved her and congratulated yourself as such a good breeder! Her weight as you can imagine is gaining well and she gave her a clean bill of health.

We are still feeding her the Nature Diet which is enjoys and we have started to teach her little things like sit ( which she has picked up extremely quickly and now does it automatically to get her dinner!!), lay and stay.

We also take her out in the car for short trips to try to get her used to it - she used to really protest but she is gradually calming down.

She generally sleeps right through without any accidents but we obviously do get the occasional ones .

Hope Fizz and the rest of your girls and pups are doing well. Any news yet on Millie's mating???

With love Karen, John, Ashley, Ryan and Maisie x x

Thank you so much Marcella, for letting me come yesterday - and the wonderful reviving cup of tea your husband made... got home in just over an hour after that!

I thought your set up was perfect - happy dogs, puppies and you seem so involved with all of them. I was most impressed with your dedication and the house... I have been to see some awful "house reared" places and couldn't wait to get out.. the smell was appalling and the puppies running around in their own poops! AND they were supposed to be Kennel Club registered??!

I am sure no matter when or what time a visitor called to see your little gems, they would be as clean as I saw them yesterday - perfect!!!

I am very serious about having one of your little bitch puppies and will keep in touch with you and find out when you have another littler.

Please give my best wishes to your daughters - they are great.



Dear Marcella,

Both John and I wanted to say thank you very much for letting us come and meet you, your family, your special girls and your adorable puppies.

We thought your girls were truly wonderful, very relaxed and happy. A true credit to you. We can't wait to be the proud owners of our own very special baby girl.

We will be in touch again to arrange a further visit.

Thank you and Take Care,

Karen and John xx

Hi Marcella

Happy new year! I hope all is well with you all. Max is doing very well and has turned into a lovely dog. He has a very placid nature and is great with the children.

A friend at school has expressed an interest in getting a cocker spaniel and I wondered if you have any puppies on the way? She likes Max's size and colouring.

Take care

Claire Pringle xx

Hi Marcella,

As promised, here are the latest photos of her. She is asleep on my feet at the moment, exhausted after a busy evening entertaining the visitors we had round for dinner. Some of the left overs found their way into her dinner, which went down well!

I think she has the nicest temperament of any dog I have ever owned, and I love her to bits. So thank you for her!

Keep in touch, love Jan

Dear Marcella,

As our boys are 1 year old on Saturday, I thought I'd send an update on them.

Barney is still the lively scamp, or he loves to curl up and sleep in the smallest corner or under the table but watches with one eye on whats going on. He likes to be held and have a good old belly rub.

Alfie still loves his food! His day gets better with every meal. He is very quick to collect the post and then shred it or pinch the washing. Christmas day we had to run around trying to retrieve Laura's best thong from his jaws!!! He loves the beach and enjoys a swim in the sea. However, Barney is not so keen on the water but enjoys the long walk.

I have to admitt, Alfie has become quite a mummy's boy and is in my shadow all the time. He pins me down to the sofa by putting his head in my lap!

"The Boys" have become quite popular with the neigbours as they are so good, and well behaved. I hope my inlaws still love them in 2 weeks as they are looking after them in the New Forest while we are away.

The whole family are completely besotted with the boy, they fitted into our home so quickly and are a complete joy to all of us (exept the rabbit who is still not too sure about them!)

I saw a fridge magnet that sums it up for us-

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole"

How true.

Many thanks again for giving our boys such a good start to life. They are such a credit to you. The boys also send their love to their mummy Gemma and Auntie Millie


As promised, here are a couple of recent shots of Poppy (Maddie). She's a lovely little dog and we can't imagine life without her.

John and Linda 

Hi Marcella,

Thank you so much for letting us see the puppies on Sunday 14.06.09 - my husband & I thought they were all so beautiful and it was so hard to pick just one ! We are very pleased with Bella who we picked, she is so adorable and i can't wait to see her again.

All 4 of your girl's were amazing. I could not believe how gentle and well mannered they all are, we were astounded by Jaz letting us hold her puppies without any fuss at all. She has a wonderful nature and no doubt all 6 of her puppies will inherit this from her. My husband could not get over how fantastic she was with us - think he took quite a shine to Jaz !

I said to my husband after leaving your house how we could see how much you love all of your girl's - they truly are a credit to you for the love and dedication you give to them.

Can't wait to see not only Bella, but all of your girlies again.

Fondest regard's,

Ros & Roy Farmer. xxx

Hi Marcella, hope you are doing ok with the new pup's and they are not

giving you too much of a hard time ?

Ruby has settled in very well - she is an amazing puppy, both me & Roy

are amazed at how quickly she is progressing. Already she has learnt

to sit before you give her a meal or treat and she most cetainly knows

her name when called.

The first couple of night's were not too bad - she had Roy up a couple

of times in the night but soon settled down once she had been out for

a tiddle. She most certainly loves her bed during the day - she is

such a lazy baby sometimes !

Her diet is going well - I think - I even managed to find a

traditional butcher on Hayling Island that will supply fresh chicken

carcasses/hearts/liver and meaty rack of lamb bones as well as lamb


I have slowly introduced the raw meat to the Nature Diet as well as a

little raw veg and she licks the bowl clean ! The butcher minced up 2

chicken carcasses and a small breast of lamb - all of which cost me a

mere £2.32. I have split this down into meals for 7 day's, 8oz per day

over 4 servings - do you think this sounds right ? According to the

BARF Diet, if your puppy weighs between 1-5kg you should be feeding

3-12oz. Ruby is 3.234kg - the vet weighed her today when she went for

her first jab - so I hope i am right in giving her the 8oz's. She also

has a couple of teaspoons of natural probiotic yogurt so she get's her

daily dose of calcium.

have taken some photo's of Ruby so once I have downloaded them I

will send them onto you ok.

Please would you mind keeping in touch - would love to see the girlies

again perhaps once the new puppies have gone to their new homes ??

Hope to hear from you soon.

Say hello to Mark for us - hope he is feeling better now he is minus

one tooth !!

Fondest Regard's,

Ros & Roy xxx

Hi Marcella

Just to let you know that Daisy is doing great! She is having lots of fun playing with the children, but getting lots of rest too - she loves her crate. She has enjoyed charging around in the garden, digging and chasing bits of grass. She loves her food and her toys and everyone thinks she is gorgeous. She has been crying at nights sometimes but last night she slept from 10pm til 5.45am so getting better. House training is going really well and only the occasional wee in the house, but I do pounce on her to go outside when she wakes up - poor dog!

Hope all well with you and your dogs

Helen x

Hi Marcella

Saffi is settling in very well. She came home and loved her crate and with regular trips to the garden we have had no accidents yet. Yesterday she did not eat too well, but today she has been eating well and has just settled down to a sleep after a play in the garden.She is very friendly to visitors and is responding to her new name.Thanks so much for letting me have one of your lovely puppies. I will send some photos in a day or 2 – when I can get her to say still for a few minutes!

Hope the new pups are OK and you have managed to get some sleep.

Best wishes


Hi Marcella and Marc,

I thought you would like to know that Pippa has settled very well, 2 wee's indoors but otherwise she's been outside. She slept from 10.30 till 5ish had a wee and went back to her bed. She loves my 9yr blueroan but he keeps his distance but Millie the 2yr black and white is having to accept she is not the only princess now! I will keep in touch and send some photos. Thank you very much for a beautiful well cared for puppy. Hope to see you soon.


Janet x


just to let you know we had a good journey back, she did cry a bit to begin with but settled down and had a nap for about 20min, which was good.

She has just had some of her food and managed to eat alot of it, she had a good play in the garden and also has been to the toliet. At the moment she has just tucked up with her 'flea' and bed and is having another nap.

Thank you very much for letting us have such a wonderful pup.

The Lee Family

hi. smudge doing nicely. lots of games then lots of sleep! she has discovered the hamster in her ball in the evenings and the hamster seems rather keen on her. not sure the feeling is mutual! everything perfect except the having to stay up really late to play with her so she sleeps most of the night! hope all well with u and the pups. best wishes. sam xxxx

hi marcella. sorry not to have contacted you before about our little tiger but she has kept me rather busy! she has been very settled from the start and loves to do a spot of gardening. she is very loving.we have had lots of games and then big sleeps!she wwent up to bed with us at 1130 and slept all night until 545 this morning when she woke up and did 2 tinkles and apoo in the garden. she is just lovely and makes us feel complete again. thankyou for all the obvious hard work you have done with her she is currently assaulting david on the living room floor! i will try and email you some pics when i can figure out how to do it! hope jaz ok without her babies and that gemma and the new borns are doing well. take care, love from the very pleased fisher


Just to let you know Maisie is doing very well. She has got used to us very quicky and isn't too bad at night, yesterday she went from 12:30pm to 6:30am which is better than the last couple of nights. She is so easy to train and can already sit and come. We are still working on the stay but she is getting there, She is such a fast learner.

She really is a credit to you.

Attatched are a couple more pictures of her.

Many thanks

The Lee Family

Re Marcella Dennis

As everyone is aware, there are many severe inherited conditions affecting pedigree dogs and many unscrupulous breeders and puppy farms. Having spent many hours researching breeders, and almost getting caught by an unscrupulous breeder, I found Marcella Dennis and her beautiful dogs. I visited Mrs Dennis before committing to buy a puppy and was struck by the calm nature of her dogs. They were happy to see a visitor, but did not bark once. I returned with my husband and exactly the same phenomenon occurred - we were both astonished. Mrs Dennis' dogs are happy, well cared for and extremely calm and good-natured.

It would be extremely sad if Mrs Dennis was unable to breed such well balanced and healthy dogs at a time when the whole dog breeding business is under fire and even Crufts was not shown on TV last year because of this problem. Even my vet commented on how well bred and calm my puppy was when being vaccinated. There must surely be a way that Mrs Dennis can continue to provide such a good service to prospective dog owners.

Dear Marcella,

I was very upset and surprised to hear your neighbour is trying to get you closed down. I am very happy to give you a reference as every time we visited you firstly to choose our puppy Fred from Gemma's litter and thereafter until we collected him, your home in which the dogs were very comfortably looked after was imaculate and the dogs extremely well loved and cared for. Plus your encouragement in us visiting in-between choosing and taking him home with us shows a huge amount of responsibility and feeling for your dogs- you wanted the very best homes for them. I was hugely impressed at the very high hygiene standards and quality that the dogs were kept in. I would never from outside the house have known you had dogs as not once did we hear barking and when we were shown into the house I've never seen such well behaved and well trained dogs as yours. I'm really shocked that anyone would have anything to hold against you as you obviously love dogs immensely. I think it's a shame there are not more breeders like you who obviously do it for the love of dogs rather than the money as we visited several breeders who one could not unfortunately say the same for. When we first called you having seen the puppies advertised you mentioned you were sleeping downstairs with your puppies and their mothers to ensure all was well with them for the first few weeks, if that doesn't show total love and devotion I don't know what does.

Alex and I would be really upset if you are no longer allowed to breed dogs as you would be my first choice to buy another puppy from which we will be doing at the end of next year when Fred is fully trained.

I wish you the very best of luck Marcella and would like to know if you wish me to write to anyone else, or speak to anyone on the phone if it will help you retain Marbury Cockers as it is now.

Kindest regards

Marcella is a perfect breeder, she loves her dogs and puppies as if they were children.

The conditions she keeps her puppies in are great, clean and very safe. I have one of her puppies and he is a joy to have. I cannot see any problems with her breeding or keeping dogs in general. She is a perfect example of a good breeder.


After having read your email I had to respond with a few thoughts and observations regarding both you as a breeder and the conditions in which your dogs are kept in. Obviously you remember the bundle of fun Alfie the blue roan cocker spaniel we bought off you in 2007. As I’m sure you’ll remember we visited your house several times to first meet and then get to know Alfie a little before taking him home once he was eight weeks old. I always found you to be extremely personable and it was clear from the wonderful disposition of the pups and parents just how much care and love you fostered on all of them. I well remember you telling us how you stayed up all night when the litter Alfie was born from arrived. It’s obvious to me (and I’m sure anyone who has been fortunate enough to get one of your pups) that it’s a real passion for you and you invest an awful lot of time, energy but most importantly love in what you do. Alfie is an absolute joy to us and he is the most loving, gentle dog you could imagine. I know from first hand experience that all your dogs and pups enjoy nothing but the absolute highest standards of care and attention. We feel very fortunate to have come into contact with you and you would be my absolute first recommendation as a breeder to anyone wanting to own a cocker spaniel. Whatever the issues you have with your neighbour I really hope they can be resolved.

With kindest regards and a big woof from Alfie!

9th October 2009

To whom it may concern,

For several months my husband & I constantly scoured websites, newspaper’s, anything that was advertising Cocker Spaniel’s for sale – we were desperate to own a puppy of our own.

Many we found not to be what we were looking for, either there was something we did not like about the breeder or the location of the breeder was not where we wanted them to be.

Then we came across a website called ‘Marburys Show Cockers’ owned by breeder Marcella Dennis. We very much liked the whole process of this breeder – great website, showcases of all her dog’s, pictures of all puppies the breeder has bred, as much information on the Cocker Spaniel breed you could possibly want and a whole lot more. I liked the look of this website and the sound of the Breeder, this was the one for us !

We contacted Marcella to let her know we were interested in owning/purchasing a puppy and would there be puppies due around the time we requested. We were in luck, Jaz - a beautiful chocolate roan bitch of Marcella’s - was due to give birth to her first litter at the end of May 2009 which would coincide the date we would like to take the puppy at 6-8 week’s old.

We were introduced to Jaz – Marcella kindly invited us to her home so we could see Jaz and the home where her puppies would be born. A warm, friendly home it was too – unlike the puppy farms you so often hear about where puppies are born into this world with a breeder that couldn’t give a damn about the dog, only to think of the profit they will gain once all puppies were sold. Marcella’s home could not be further from this.

Marcella has to be a breeder in a million. Not only does she give all her dog’s 101% care and affection, love and attention but very carefully vets those who are to be considered possible ‘parent’s’ to her puppies.

If both ‘parent’s’ are in full time employment – forget it, you won’t have one of Marcella’s pup’s. Why not ? Because you will not be there to give that puppy the time and love it deserves, you would have been at work leaving a vulnerable puppy on it’s own.

Puppy farm breeders don’t ask this, their main concern is to sell the puppies they have, pocket the money and wash their hands of you. Not Marcella ! For whatever your reason’s/circumstances that may change, Marcella will also gladly take the puppy back you have bought rather than re-home the puppy elsewhere. Why? Because she wants to ensure the puppy goes to a good home. Now how many breeders do you know that would do that ?

My husband & I visited Marcella many times before Jaz had her litter, she was only too happy for us to visit as many times as we wanted, it was a joy to visit.

Once the puppies were born Marcella kindly informed us and kept us up-to-date with their progress, plenty of information and photo’s were placed on her website so we could see how the puppies were progressing.

Once the pups were a couple of weeks old we went to select the puppy we wanted. It was amazing to see Jaz with her first litter of 6 gorgeous, happy, healthy pups – and all girl’s too !

We chose an Orange Roan puppy – just like her Aunt Millie, beautiful ! The deposit was paid and we received a receipt for the amount along with some additional puppy information and the mention that a contract was to be signed on collection of the puppy. The contract was professionally drafted outlining the necessary conditions – all of which had been explained in full detail by Marcella herself. This is one good breeder I thought !

You could see the pups were being very well looked after not only by Jaz the mother but also Marcella. Sleepless nights for the first two weeks watching over mum & the pups is what I call dedication and love to your dog – a breeder with a heart and passion for the dogs she loves !

Finally we picked up our new pup at 7 weeks old – we could not wait to get Ruby home and have her all to ourselves.

Ruby had been Vet checked, wormed and had all her necessary papers ready for us.

We had certificates to show our puppy was Optigen clear, PRA clear, FN clear, Hip Dysplasia scored, Five Generation Pedigree paper from The Kennel Club and a registration paper to confirm Ruby had been registered with the Kennel Club. Absolutley amazing – fantastic service of the breeder.

I would gladly recommend Marcella Dennis to anyone who is thinking/wanting to purchase a Pedigree Cocker Spaniel.

Marcella truly is a reputable breeder of which she should be proud of.

Our dog Ruby was given the most amazing start in life, not only by her mother but by her breeder – we really couldn’t of asked for anything more than the hard work and dedication given not only to our puppy but previous litters before.You truly are one in a million Marcella !Thank you for the most beautiful dog we now own – she is gorgeous !!

to whom it may concern,

I write tofully endorse the service that marcella provides . we purchased a puppy from her in july this year and i cannot express enough how impressed i was with her set up. she has a beautiful clean home and garden and her dogs are well behaved and beautiful. the puppy that we purchased is gorgeous, well behaved and well rounded and i would have no reservation in recommending marcella to friends and family. please see sense and dont stop this family from doing what they love.


Hi Marcella

Thank you for your email ,matt & i think it is awful what your neighbour is trying to do, you

are fantastic & the well being of your dogs that are with you & puppiesbefore & after they have left you is undoubably

of a high standard. It would be our pleasure to write a letter & back you.

We shall get a letter written & sent out to you straight away, we are more than happy to help you

in anyway possible.

To whom it may concern

We purchased our puppy in October 2008 from Mrs Dennis, we were made to feel very welcome and found the conditions that the mother and the puppies were in, was very clean and the puppies were very healthy along with all the adult dogs being extremely well behaved.

We were encouraged to keep in touch and visit the puppies at any anytime until the puppy was ready to come home.

Mrs Dennis is always available to give advice, we have had 2 happy years with our lovely puppy Rudy and would have no hesitation in recommending Marburys cockers to anyone.

To whom it may concern

We contacted Marcella in December 2007 as we wanted to buy a pedigree cocker spaniel and were looking for a Kennel Club recommended breeder in the area. Marcella was the only one we could find in Hampshire (we are based in Liss). From the start it was clear that Marcella had extremely high standards of dog care and customer care. We were invited to come and meet Milly (the mother) whilst she was pregnant and then visited three times after she gave birth to bond with the puppy we had chosen before collecting him at 10 weeks. All Marcella's dogs and puppies were properly and lovingly cared for and it is very obvious that this is not simply a job for Marcella.

Since we took our puppy, Porter, home Marcella has stayed in touch to give advice and support in raising him. The contract we signed when we bought him made it clear that if for any reason in the future we decided we could not keep him, he would be given back to Marcella for care. This proved to us that Marcella is dedicated to ensuring that any dogs she breeds are properly homed and cared for.

It can be very difficult to find reputable breeders of cocker spaniels who are properly registered with the Kennel Club and it would be very upsetting to stop this line of dogs breeding as they are wonderful, happy dogs who would bring joy to any family.


I purchased a Cocker Spaniel puppy from Marcella in February. I looked very carefully into this and found out exactly what I

should be looking for from a breeder and in a puppy before going ahead.

When I visited the puppies I was impressed by how friendly the puppies mother (and other dogs) were and how well looked

after they all seemed.

When I decided to purchase a puppy from Marcella I was given all the relevant health test results. The litter had all had their vet

checks, and I was given advise on diet (and some food) health, well-being and all I needed to have a healthy happy puppy.

All advise and information about breeders and puppies that I had researched on the internet was carried out by Marcella.

I now have a very healthy, happy dog and would and have highly recommended Marcella to other people thinking of getting a puppy.

To Whom it May Concern

My husband and I decided earlier in the year that we would like a Cocker Spaniel Puppy to join our family.

After trawling through the Internet and visiting some not very nice places we came across Marburys Show Cockers website. We were instantly drawn to the website, the way it was set out and presented and the way the Owner, Marcella talked about her girls and babies.

We made contact with Marcella who gave us an enormous amount of advise and explained that she had a bitch who was pregnant and due in July. This was just ideal and we asked for our name to be taken.

Both my husband and I visited Marcella to meet her and her girls, what instantly struck us was how well behaved her girls were and how well presented her property was. The girls never once barked whilst we were there and there was no doggy smell in the property.

We visited on more than one occasion and we took our children with us too. We were always greeted in the same way as our initial meeting.

Gemma had her pups and much to our delight she had an orange roan bitch - just what we wanted.

We collected our pup 'Maisie' at 7 weeks old, she was adorable. At her 8 week check with our Vet she was given a total clean bill of health. Our Vet even commented on the fact she had come from an extremely good breeder.

Marcella has always loved her girls and babies and we would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is looking for a Cocker Spaniel Puppy,

We sincerely hope Marcella carries on breeding.

To whom it may concern

We are shocked at the fact that a neighbour is trying to stop Marcella stop breading her Cocker Spaniels. We have seen first hand the love and time she and her family dedicate to the dogs and their pups.

After reading an add on a breeders site, I contacted Marcella by phone, having to leave a message as there was no answer. Marcells called me back and apologise for missing my call, the reason being that she had slept all night by the birthing area of Millie who was expecting a litter of pups, is that the action of somone that is not looking after her dogs.

Millie is in fact the mother of my Cocker Spaniel Oscar, who was one of the litter Marcella watched born in the early morning of my phone call to her.

My wife and I spent many weeks looking for what we considered to be the right breeder and Marcella really is that person. We are very proud owners of our Cocker, Oscar who we know had a fantastic start in life been born into Marburys Cockers. After a couple of telephone conversations we travelled to visit Marcella at her home. Just being there and seeing the dogs and the way they were cared for made our minds, we wanted to take one of Millies pups. We visited Marcella on a further four occasions before it was time for us to collect Oscar and during that time she questioned us on how our preparations for Oscar were going. She insisted on knowing we had all the things we needed to be trustworthy cares and owners of one of her babies and that is exactly what they were to her.

Oscar has now been with us for 19 months and during that time we have been contacted on a regular basis via e-mails asking on the progress of Oscar.

Marcella was always happy to advise us with tips on Oscar after we got him home and quite frankly there is no body other than her and Oscars Vet that I would take advise from.

In short, we offer this short e-mail as a reference to the fact that Marcella of Marburys Cockers is a honest and caring breeder and the only person we would go to if we ever intended to get another Cocker Spaniel.

This is an honest and frank explanation to how we felt when we heard that she could be stopped from breading.

Yours Faithfully

Mr & Mrs Stephen Fairclough


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