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Marburys show cockers

Millies Puppies at 4 weeks old And 6 weeks

LOLA, blue roan and tan.(new name Willow)

RESERVED. Gone to her new home, be good Willow ! Willow has been a really good girl and is loved so much already

Alfie (new name Cheeto) Orange roan

RESERVED. Gone to new home, be good Cheeto!


Cheeto is doing great! He is gradually feeling more confident and constantly trying to cuddle Mocca. I will send you some pictures separately.

We are so thrilled to have him part of our family.

Many thanks


Oscar Orange roan

RESERVED. Gone to his new home, be a good boy Oscar


They are getting on really well & have really settled. Oscar is the most confident and likes to adventure around

and play with Toby our beagle, patch will only play with Toby if he comes to him first.

They both eat well and have plenty of toys they play with, Toby is happy for them to get in his bed and play with toys

so long as they let him play too! although when toby wants to chew on his bone oscar likes to lay across the bone to make it hard for him.

They both sleep well at night we havent had any problems, both use the pads put down to wee on although patch does like to

do it on the very edge. Out of the 2 of them Patch seems to be the most timid with everyone although likes to bite Oscars ears when he is asleep to get him to play.

They are very happy and contented and have done you proud, i shall send you some photos over the next week or 2 so you can see them

but will keep in touch inbetween.

thanks vicky

Jasper Orange roan

RESERVED, He is staying with me until the 28 th Feb, Jasper has now left for him new home, be good Jasper !

Dear Marcella,

Just a quick update at this stage. Jasper is settling in very well. Car journey went very well - he was very quite and lay down.

He wimpered a little in the early eveving on Saturday but settled down well at night. Last night he cried for about 15 min in the middel of the night, but very happy frolicking in our garden this morning. A friend of our who has always had dogs came round yesterday and was very impressed by how happy and settled he seemed after only 2 days!. he seems to have a lovely temperament - and has clearly been played and fondled with lots, so is delighted when we play with him.

kind regrads


Amber Orange roan

RESERVED, gone to her new home, be a good girl!

Hi Marcella

She is doing so well (considering she is surrounded by small, overenthusiastic children!). No crying last night - I put a little hot water bottle in her basket and left classic fm on (not a bad life!!). I must confess to spoiling her last night as we had a lovely fire burning and she came and sat with us next to the fire all evening! She is very loved already - we are so delighted with her.

She isn't eating huge amounts but I am sticking to your routine and encouring her as much as possible. All poos and wees on newspaper so far - clever girl!.

Libby Light blue roan and tan

RESERVED Libby has gone to her new home, be a good girl Libby !!

Eddy (new name Barney) Orange roan

RESERVED, Barney has gone of to his new home, be good Barney !

Archie (staying Archie) Blue roan

RESERVED, gone to his new home, be a good boy !

Dear Marcella,

Just thought i would take this opportunity to let you know how i'm doing. I have settled in really well and love my new home. I have got some lovely new toys that i like to play with, but my new mummy and daddy have to try really hard to make me play with them, because i much prefer to chase after any body parts that they leave exposed; that is much more fun! I'm eating lots, sleeping lots too (cause i'm growing), have been weeing and pooing on my news paper too(that gets me lots of praise). I have sent some photos of me at 7 weeks, they say butter wouldn't melt in my mouth; don't be fooled, i'm a cheeky monkey! Send my love to my 'Millie Mum', i miss you all and would love to keep in contact, who knows maybe i could come and visit when i am bigger, as i only live just up the road.

Archie xxx 

Millie and Archie babies !!

PUPS AT 3 DAYS OLD/ 6 weeks

Louie/Jarvis Orange roan

Jarvis has left for his new home, be a good boy and don't let me down ! x


Freddie (orange roan)

Jake (black, white and tan)

Lucy (blue roan and tan)

Fliss (orange roan)

DYLAN (black white and tan)

Daisy (black, white and tan)

Eddy (new name Allie) (orange roan)


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